The Canadian Patient

I finally broke down and went to the doctor yesterday. Six weeks of off-and-on illness sent me over the edge.

And the fact I was almost out of my prescription codeine-laced cough medicine.

Desperate times, desperate measures.

My cough was so bad I started to worry I had bronchitis but turns out it’s just the flu and a killer sinus infection. The cough was a result of all the drippage. Allegedly. I’ve been so stuffed up I don’t know how any drippage is possible. Or, in the doc’s words as she looked up my nostril:

“Geez, I can’t see up there at all. No wonder you can’t breathe!”

Validation is important at the doctor’s office.

I came home with hard-core antibiotics, couch medicine, nasal spray and a new outlook on life (albeit a fuzzy one due to all the drugs).

For those not aware, I have some pretty bad nose problems over the years. I even have a couple of failed surgeries under my belt, which resulted in a hole in my deviated septum. As a result, I blow my nose all day long, even when I’m not sick (this makes me totally endearing to my beloved James.)

When I am sick, I debate taking out stock in Kleenex.

My snot could make me a very rich woman.

The doc and I also discussed returning to get some blood work done so we can figure out what I’m deficient in and why I somehow catch every infection floating around Colorado.

I told this to my neighbor Steve who was watching Bode while I was at the doctor’s office.

“Yeah, it could be that,” he asserted, “Or may you should learn how to take it easy every now and then.

I wonder if there’s a cure for that, too.

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