The Careful, Conservative AND Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck?!

Thanks for all your well-wishes about Jamie’s consulting job offer! I am just dealing with the paradigm shift in our lives. My father worked at the same company for 30+ years and stability is what I am used to. It is mandatory with someone as unstable as myself. :-)

Jamie is in his element and this new opportunity affords itself a much bigger paycheck with bigger risks. We admittedly have had it really good since we got married so now we have to play it safe by being careful and conservative, two words that aren’t exactly in my vocabulary. Remember? I am the Crazy in Bloggin’ Canuck.

On another note, Friday is my weekly Boot Camp weigh-in at Mile High Mamas and the numbers were encouraging. Evidently, stress is an excellent asset when losing weight…


One of the most invaluable lessons I have learned through the Biggest Loser Boot Camp is that visualization with a specific goal in mind is imperative when losing weight.

For some, they are training for a triathlon.

For others, they want to summit a 14er.

For many, it is fitting back into their skinny jeans.

For me, it is losing my baby weight so I can get pregnant and gain it all back again.

(Please excuse me while I bang my head against the wall.)

But without further ado, my weekly weight loss total is: 5 pounds. My three-week total is now 9 pounds!

There are a couple of things that I attribute to my successful week:

1) Robyn’s intense workouts at Front Range Adventure Boot Camp. Every day is different and fun. Sometimes it is scaling Red Rocks. Others involve a high-energy game of four square, dodge ball or basketball. But the common denominator is they always involve a perfect mix of cardio and strength training. Oh, and they always kick my butt.

2) Through The Biggest Loser Club, I have had an epiphany: I have been paying attention to the wrong thing. My past weight-loss attempts were focused on what I was eating. BLBC is teaching me to focus on why I am eating it, which gets to the real heart of the problem.

I have journaled what I am eating before. It really didn’t help me other than serve as a blaring reminder that maybe I should not have eaten that entire batch of cookie dough. But in BLBC we take it a step further and write down the emotions we are feeling before and after we ate. I am discovering patterns and feelings I never knew existed.

Following the meeting, a few of us stayed around to discuss mind-numbing profundities such as our husbands’ OCD tendencies. One’s cleaning obsession led him to Pledge his large home’s hardwood floor. Another washes his car three times a day and paces in front of his washer and dryer until his clothes are clean.

When it was my turn, I was stumped, secretly wishing my hubby had at least one cleaning obsession. Until I remembered that he is the cleanest man in American and often showers 2-3 times a day (though it is often to relieve his sore rheumatic joints).

When I arrived home, I relayed our conversation.

“You told them I shower that much?”
“I sure did!”
“Well, if it is any consolation to you, I rarely use soap.”

Long pause of consideration.

“Actually it’s not but thanks for sharing….”

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