The Decorating War of the Genders

I have graciously given Jamie two rooms in the house–the garage and the den. He is free to do whatever he chooses with these domains; the rest of the house is mine. Sound familiar to any men out there?

As far as bachelors go, he didn’t do too badly with his furniture choices before he met me. What disturbed me, though, was that he had never once eaten at his dining-room table. Dinnertime consisted of pulling out the ol’ TV tray and livin’ it up with Homer Simpson. It’s a good thing I saved him when I did.

It reminds me of some of my good friends, Keith and Jason. They had the ultimate bachelor pad with a stellar overlook of the city that they used to their full advantage when wooing the ladies. One day, we were all sitting around playing X-box and I noticed the decor for the first time: an entertainment center worth thousands of dollars and a recliner for each of the roommates. That was it.

As for my hubby, the den has been a resting place for every single random receipt, letter, book and box. The only decor has been his framed baseball cards, which he previously had on display in his living room bachelor pad (it took exactly one hour after I moved in to retire ‘em to a less conspicuous locale.) Above my head sits a John Elway bobble head; is there anywhere in the Decorating Handbook that designates a place for a bobble head besides the garbage?

Out of the blue last week, Jamie decided the den was ready for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (though I hope our experience is far less emotive than that show; it always reduces me to a blubbering fool). His designated palette de choix? Red. I am neither for, nor against his choice as I have no voice in his domain (if I did, that bobble head would obviously be gone.)

And so I bit adieu as we turn off the computer for the weekend and the den makeover begins! Pics to follow the completed project; Ty Pennington watch out!

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