The Frigidaire Dishwasher and the Husband Who (Sometimes) Uses It

I’ve been having fun playing with my Frigidaire dishwasher as the part of Frididaire Mom’s test drive.

Wait. Did I just say fun and dishwasher in the same sentence?

Alright, back to reality.

And that reality is asking my husband his opinion of our Frigidaire.

“When it comes to dishwashers, you know me. I’m speechless.”

Though this dishwasher has experienced an unprecedented phenomenon: my husband has actually run several loads in it. Now, I’m not here to husband-bash because there are many domestic duties my husband excels at.

Cleaning the kitchen is not among them.

He could say the same about my ironing (or lack thereof).

Even though the rest of my house may sometimes look like a hurricane hit, I usually stay on top of the dishes and you will rarely find a sink full of dirty ones.

Unless the husband is in charge.

I saw his pre-marriage days. I heard the stories of how he paid his sister to do his dishes for him. Or his roommate’s admonition that when they had company over one day, instead of washing the many dirty dishes, they simply loaded them up in a bucket and hid them in the bedroom.

Suffice it to say, I am in charge of all dish duties but due to my busy travel schedule this winter, he has had to endure the unthinkable: loading and running the Frigidaire. All by himself.

When I’ve traveled in the past, he has completely cleaned the house in honor of my return but was never able to force himself to do the dishes. Times have changed since we got the new Frigidaire. When I returned from a recent trip to Park City, the kitchen was gloriously spotless, the sink devoid of dishes.

“Jamie, did you actually use the dishwasher?”
“Yep,” he said proudly, opening the Frigidaire, unveiling a batch of shiny-clean dishes.

Of course, it would have been asking too much to ask him to unload it.

As I showered praises on him, I noticed something. Even though the majority of the dishes had come out sparkling, there were a few pots and pans on the bottom that still had food residue.

“Errr, Jamie. Just how long were these sitting in the sink before you loaded them?”
“Oh, about five days.”

It was then that I introduced a phenomenon called soaking dishes, especially if they were going to camp out in the sink. Then I showed him the hi-temp wash on the Frigidaire, which is great for melting away those nasty, caked-on stains that are only accrued when dish-loathing husbands are in charge.

It’s all about baby steps. Or husband-sized ones.

Who does the dishes at your house? Is it a battle?

I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and received a Frigidaire Dishwasher to facilitate my review.

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