The Greatest Gift of All….

…Is not Fat Kitty, whom we found snuggled up like a present under the tree.

But rather, my mother-in-law Linda whose selfless service has helped us time and time again. As you know, we were in mourning when my in-laws moved to Utah last year and there isn’t a day that goes by that we do not miss them.

Linda recently flew to Denver to watch our kids for 10 days during our cruise. Jamie and I have been on-hold with an important trip to New York City. At the very last minute, it was confirmed we needed to fly out there Wednesday (yesterday) through Friday (tomorrow).

Ever tried to find someone to watch your kids during the day and overnight the week before Christmas?

Ain’t happening.

While I had several friends offer to help during the day, nighttime was a battle and only Linda came forward.

OK, so we begged, pleaded and were just short of bribing her. None of it was needed because she graciously offered to help us.

I feel horribly about inconveniencing her during such a busy time of year. We’re spending Christmas at their house in Utah and had planned to fly in the day prior. “Linda, I can come out a few days early with the kids to help you prepare for Christmas,” I offered. It was the least I could do.

She called me back a few minutes later. “You know what, Amber? The biggest favor you can give me is by staying at home with your kids and NOT coming early to ‘help.’”

Touché :)

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