The List: Outtakes from a Marriage

Last week, I was crazy-busy with a deadline, making dozens of cookies for the local flood relief command center, doing laundry and dinner preparations were on the forefront of my mind because we had invited the woman I visit teach over for FHE as well as a new couple in the ward. Jamie, like the saving angel offered:

“Do you need me to go to the store?””

“Yes, you would be a lifesaver, THANK YOU! Let me write a list of a few things.”

“OK.” I wrote the list and handed it to him.

“Oh wait. I just remembered something else.”


A few minutes later, after I’d made a double-batch of cookies, I realized I was out of brown sugar. I was remiss when I thought he had already left for the store. But then, WINNINGLY, I spotted him in the backyard!

“I just remembered something else: brown sugar.”

“You see, this is why I hate going to the store for you. You keep adding things to the list. And you already put brown sugar down.”

I should be married to myself; I can anticipate my own needs before I even know about them.

So, off he went to the store and I had a conference call. A few minutes, I heard him try to beep through on my phone. I didn’t pick up; what else could he possibly need? I had pretty thoroughly expounded upon everything with the list.

I grabbed a second phone and tried to call him back while juggling my other line. He didn’t pick up.

When he arrived home with a few grocery bags, I queried:

“I tried calling you back. Why did you call?”

“I lost the list.”

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