The Making of a Monarch

As I posted on Monday, Haddie recently competed in a Destination Imagination tournament. Two days before the competition, the DI groups at her school convened to perform for each other. Parents were invited but Hadley told me to hold off until the tournament because she wanted to fine-tune her acting.

And so the parental rejection begins.

When I picked her up from the rehearsal, I noticed that many of her peers had over-the-top costumes whereas Haddie’s monarch butterfly was straightforward with simple black wings. DI is completely kid-driven and parents are not supposed to be involved but the competitive side of me kicked in. Knowing Haddie had a central role in her skit, I wanted her to shine so posted this picture on Facebook asking for advice.

The overriding consensus? Bling the wings. I’m not exactly a bling kinda gal so I turned to my neighbor Meredith, whom I call the craft goddess. Not only is she extraordinarily talented in all things crafty and creative but she has an entire room that is wall-to-wall with thousands of craft supplies. Hadley thought she’d died and gone to heaven.

I was in crafting hell.

However, it was all worth it. Meredith had some fabulous advice and more glitter glue than Michaels. Cute bows down the spine and on her dress completed the outfit and Haddie was thrilled.

With all the effort that was put into the wings, I suggested to Haddie that she should be a monarch butterfly for Halloween as well.

“I was actually thinking I want to go a ghost,” she said.

Now, that’s a costume I can get behind.

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