The party’s over

Halloween a.k.a. my month-long party is over.

Well, month-and-a-half-long party if you count back to mid-September when I put out the decorations (much to Jamie’s dismay).

In the end, we had really easy costumes: Bode wanted to be a firefighter (again) and Haddie opted for a bat. I simply resurrected the bodysuit from her kitty costume last year, found a pair of butterfly wings at the thrift store that I spray-painted black, styled her hair into bat ears and had Jamie make her a mask.

Cheapest Halloween ever.

We participated in our neighborhood’s annual parade and the procession was led by a fire truck, perfect for the little firefighter himself.

And hung out with our neighborhood besties.

It was the first year the kids really got into trick-or-treating and wanted to venture beyond just our block.

Because they figured out more houses = more candy.

I did not approve of Haddie’s choice to be a bat and cringed every time she made me do online research about them. She wanted to be a “mean bat” and was repeatedly annoyed when folks would comment how “cute” she was.

Bats are not cute, people. They are creepy, scary and ugly.

I mourned when I took down the decorations and lamented to Jamie, “Now that Halloween is over, what do I have to look forward to?”

Jamie: “How about Christmas? You know. Jesus‘ birthday.”

Oh yeah. That.

Ever wonder where my Halloween obsession comes from? Checkout my parent’s house in Calgary:

That picture is not even including the blow-up giant pumpkin on their lawn.

And my brother Jade’s “Duct Man” costume this year.

Still searching for an explanation for this one.

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