To Moms Everywhere: We Are All “Influencers”

Mile High Mamas was happy to give away six family four-packs of tickets to Disney on Ice last week.

To assist with their promotions, Feld Entertainment teamed up with consulting firm Mom Central to identify key “Influencers” in the community to spread the word about a discount coupon code and to hold local contests that created a buzz about the event.

The effects of their local campaign were far-reaching, even down to Haddie who fretted before the show, “But what if I fall on the ice?”

Evidently, the marketing was a bit too effective: the kid thought she was starring in it along with her Disney cohorts.

As a thank you to these Influencers, Feld and Mom Central held an event prior to the show where these families met The Incredibles, were fed a simple dinner, mingled and talked about upcoming events. My favorite part of the evening was not the show itself but when each of these moms stood up to introduce themselves.

We were not the public official who makes important policy changes. We were not the coiffed news anchor reporting the day’s events. We were not the president of a company whose decisions affect thousands of people.

We are like Paula who sacrifices her time to homeschool her children and is a part of a homeschooling co-op. We are like Suzanne, the dynamic single mom of six who works her butt off as a secretary to provide for her family. We are like Sarah who just lost her mom and yet manages to keep everyone laughing around her. We are like Barb who explained to me that her son’s gorgeous long, curly hair was to hide the scars he has received from multiple brain surgeries.

I walked away from this experience with a resonating sense of purpose for every mom out there. WE ARE ALL INFLUENCERS–in our schools, our churches, our communities and most importantly our homes.

And it’s about time we remembered that.

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