Top Picks errr…Pics of the Week

Check out my darling twin nieces on Halloween.
(Nevermind that wild rabbits are our neighborhood pest and Jamie is constantly threatening to “break their necks” for destroying our yard.)

I finally took a picture of Bode that I love. In case you couldn’t tell, he is going through a rough patch as it pertains to smiling in pictures. As in he can’t do it. Cases in point:

At the Denver Aquarium.

On the first day of school.

In the Outer Banks.

Well, you get the picture.

And that picture ain’t smiling very well.

However, the other day I finally got one that I love. The weather has been glorious here (mid-60s, my ideal temperature). After preschool, we’ve been hitting the playground and going on many outdoor adventures.

Yesterday, we had stick sword fights along Clear Creek, trekked through our favorite secret passageway to collect branches and leaves for fall decorations and threw 100 rocks in the river. After this precious shot of Bode counting the stones, I inadvertently nailed a duck.

That’s gotta count for some bad karma.

On Monday, we biked to a water tower that is perched over our neighborhood. After stashing our bikes in the ditch, we hiked to the top where we played hide-and-go-seek, threw more rocks and counted the clouds. I’m not sure how long we were up there but it felt like hours as we both experienced a high we never wanted to come down.

As he gazed out upon the undulating landscape, I asked him to turn around to me, at which time I captured his very essence in a moment when he least expected it.


And it made all those other unphotogenic moments totally worth it.

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