Twilight Tourin’ and Other Olympic Peninsula Highlights

It’s only taken me a week and a half but I’m finally updating you on my Twilight/Olympic Peninsula trip. I wrote about it for Travel Savvy Mom so be sure to check out my great pictures and fascinating commentary (BWHA!) of one of the most hauntingly beautiful places on earth. Even though it was the perfect trip I wished my kids were with me the entire time.

Shocking, I know.

First, the journalists:

Diane Bair (L)–The woman has written for more magazines and guidebooks than my children have had tantrums (meaning: A LOT). Whimsical voice, beautiful and almost inspired me to wear lipstick the whole trip.
Diane Schostak (in pink) –Executive Director of Olympic Peninsula Chamber. She was a hoot, wealth of knowledge and LDS seestah. Don’t ask her about the Stetson she’s wearing.
Harriet Baskas (back middle)–I learned not to be fooled by her petite stature. Loved this fireball who writes for MSNBC and USA Today. Her passion? Airports. Yes, some people actually like them.
Ranger Pat Shields–Tide-pooling guide. Spoke with a cool New Yorker accident. Wears sexy rubber boots.
Jennifer–Known as “Mudslide Mama” on the famed travel site Traveling Mamas. She was so delightful I tried to convince her to room with me at BlogHer. But then she ditched me upon finding out I like to spoon.

Really, who can blame her?

Some of my favorite places on the trip:

Quinault Lodge, the true wettest place in the United States (for details go to Travel Savvy Mom).

And Kalaloch Lodge overlooking the Pacific Ocean (for even more details go to Travel Savvy Mom).

Romantic, non? Most romantic of all was Dazzled by Twilight, a store in Forks that would thrill Edward (or Jacob) loving fans.

Our tour guide Travis was a riot and took us to places such as Bella’s house:

We also saw Charlie’s police station, Dr. Cullins’ parking spot at the hospital (yes, they even have a sign), Jacob’s place and the Cullins’. There was a sign on the whiteboard that Emmett was out hunting Grizzly Bears.

Which explains why the Grizzly is practically non-existent in the Olympic Peninsula.

We hung out with the bald eagles and Quileute Indians at La Push:

And we had lunch at The Treaty Line a.k.a. Three Rivers Resort.

(With Harriet who is pretending not to know me).

Sadly, I did not order a Vampire Shake. Even though I really, really wanted to.

For more of my favorite moments, be sure to head over to Travel Savvy Mom.

Just in case you missed my not-so subtle references. :-)

Not to be forgotten is my visit with Sandra, one of my dearest childhood friends. I hadn’t seen her since 1991.

Here is us now at Alki Beach in Seattle. Minus the big bow and even bigger bangs.

But rest assured in a world full drama and change, there is one constant: there will always be my big hair.

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