Unintentional Blog Hiatus

Between Bode getting sick, Hadley’s non-stop Destination Imagination rehearsals this week, recovering from my own illness, appearing on 9News yesterday for a segment on baby showers, trying to crank out my column and volunteering at school, I’m on temporary blogging hiatus.

What that really means is I am between blogs right now.

Jamie started my new blog’s design and transferred over allll my archives (no small feat; I’ve been blogging for many years now). He just needs to put the finishing touches and it will be live.

But here’s the problem: he’s busy.

Apparently he thinks working for clients who pay our mortgage is more important than this here blog.

At this point, I have to manually input my posts in both blogs and that’s just a bit too much for me to handle right now.

So, stay tuned. Next week, I’ll have details on our ski day in Loveland (it’s a doozy) and hopefully will be announcing my new site very soon.

I just need to start nagging The Pumpkin Man to do it.

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