What cell phone and service do you use?

I am in the market for a cell phone. Those who have ever attempted to call me know that I don’t really like phones and like calling people back even less.

It’s nothing personal. Usually.

That said, I cannot dispute the convenience of having a cell phone in case of emergencies such as when I don’t know what kind of tortilla chips to buy at the store. You know. Life-threatening stuff.

Jamie bought an iPhone and I love it. I currently have a Nokia that was released in the dark ages. Seriously. Even though I am not a cell phone lover, I have enough cell phone pride to know that mine is ready for retirement.

And so I tried the Nokia 5310 on for size. After my trial period, I was asked if I wanted to review the Nokia 5610, which made me wonder why they would not have just sent the newest model to begin with?

Evidently, I am a cell phone virgin.

Overall, this is a great little phone with a lot of bells and whistles for a lot less money than its counterparts.


  • Killer music player capabilities. Barney never sounded so good.
  • Fairly loud speaker. Because I need more noise in my life.
  • A 2 megapixel camera that takes pretty good ictures. It can also function as a video camera, doing both sound and image. This is great for someone like me who always forgets my camera!


  • Pain-in-the-butt hook-up to a computer to download the Nokia PC suite.
  • Video quality is quite grainy.
  • It is way too fragile for me and the LCD cracks easily. Not that I would know anything about it. But I almost did.

Would I buy it? You betcha! It’s quite the step up from my current Nokia and gives me more bang for my buck than my hubby’s beloved yet pricey iPhone.

So, I turn the question to you as I do my research: what kind of cell phone and service do you have? What things do you like/dislike about it?

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