Why I’m Glad Today is Haddie’s “Grandma Day”

Hurricane Haddie has diarrhea. The explosive kind. I wonder if the liter of eggnog we wolfed down last night has anything to do with it?

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Jeek is a new father! The pink elephant did not do permanent damage (see Nov. 2nd blog) and his wife gave birth to 8 lb 9 oz Jaxson Jeek Borowski on Monday. We are all praying for his survival in that family.

Also in the news front: Three Blog Night’s son gave a riveting social commentary yesterday. While helping his mom sort the laundry, he announced that a sock got a divorce. She told him socks can’t get divorced and he replied, “Well, they must be separated then, because I can’t find a match for this one.”

This has led me to ponder the deep complexities of the sock world. My question to you: I am currently wearing one brown sock and one black sock. Does this amount to bi-racial marriage?

Just wondering.

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