Why you don’t want to be in our family

You may have seen those feel-good commercials produced by the Mormon church about the importance of family. We firmly believe family is central to God’s Plan of Happiness and I personally think the reason why we’ve seeing such a moral decay in society is the disintegration of the strong values instilled within the family unit. Families should be there to provide structure, support, balance and love in their children’s lives.

But there is another important role of the family that is seldom vocalized:

They should be there to help with you with all the crummy stuff like assisting with moves, painting and every other undesirable job that should never befall friends.

I think we should totally dedicate a commercial unto that.

As I previously mentioned, Jamie’s brother Chris moved back to Colorado last week. On Saturday after Bode’s soccer game we went to brunch and then Chris needed help unloading his moving truck. Jamie interjected he’d be happy to help but he needed to (what else?) work on The Great Pumpkin before it started raining.

By the time we finally arrived to help unload the truck, this is what we found.

‘Bout time that pumpkin came in handy. Welcome to the family, Great One.

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