Ying and Yang Do Homework

One of my recent Facebook posts:

“Fact: I hate homework and school waaaay more now than I ever did as a kid.”

True story and we’re not even at the really tough school years yet. My personal opinion is it’s ridiculous to force a kid to sit through seven hours of school, only to require them to do several more when they get home. What happened to kids being kids?

I’d be an advocate for unschooling if I wasn’t so darn freaked out they’d end up illiterate and would limit my kids’ options for college and beyond.

Homeschooling is out of the question. I’m barely surviving an hour of homework.

And so here we are enduring the endless, uninspired barrage of worksheets.

Hadley does everything she can to procrastinate them as long as possible and I can hardly blame her for avoiding such drudgery.

But Bode is wired differently and tries to get them out of the way ASAP. He wisely sees them as a means to an end and that end is a glorious world where he has no homework.

Halfway through a recent session, I brought out some popcorn. The three of us took a 10 minute break to stuff our faces. Hadley was hoping I’d forget about the “H” word and took her sweet time.

Bode, on the other hand, pulled me aside and whispered, “You need to take the popcorn away. It is keeping us from staying on task.”

At least someone is here to whip the rest of us into shape.



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