Good ’til the last drop (of 2010)

We arrived home Thursday after a frenzied Christmas vacation in Utah. Normally, we plan New Year’s Eve get togethers with our friends but this year we decided to lay low.

Waaaaay low.

I spent the day unpacking and duplicating Jamie’s sister’s glorious New Year’s Eve meal: Pork Tacos with Avocado Poblano Guacamole. I made the most amazing wassail ever and we topped off the evening with homemade chocolate chip crumbles, ice cream and dulce de leche. New Year’s morning, we had waffles with fresh blackberries and whipped cream.

Forget partying. New Year’s festivities should be all about the food.

We finally got our 84″-inch HDTV fixed ($350 later) so that evening we snuggled in the basement watching The Lord of the Rings. When we emerged, it was 8:30 p.m. and I announced, “Let’s watch the ball drop.”

Of course, it was too early but in my early-bird opinion, waiting ’til midnight is highly overrated. We found the countdown to 2010 on YouTube and did our own.

The kids didn’t know the difference.

Neither did I, really.

They went wild, chanting “Party Party Party!” as we jumped on the bed and did the bunny hop. At one point, Hadley interrupted our festivities and said, “Wait. This is a lame party. We don’t even have any friends here.”

And then she went back to her lame party.

To demonstrate just how lame it was, I even tried to spruce it up at dinnertime.

Me: “Should I set the dining room table with the nice China?”
Jamie: “No, I don’t want to have to do dishes. Let’s just do paper plates.”
Me: “You never do the dishes. I do.”
Jamie: “As always, I’m just looking out for you.”

Here’s to more glorious lameness in 2011.

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