I Love My Life

“I love my life.”

This is the title of a blog post Stephanie Nielson wrote on July 22nd. And why shouldn’t she love her life? She is gorgeous, inspiring, has a handsome husband and beautiful children.
Her blog is a place where she captures the wonderment of simple day-to-day living. Where she writes love letters to her beloved “Mr. Nielsen.” Where every moment is treasured and every child celebrated.

A month later, she was in critical condition in a burn unit clinging to her life.

As many of you have already heard, the blogsophere has rallied around her and her husband’s recovery with auctions and prayers.

Even though I had never heard of her until the plane crash, her story has resonated with me. And it should resonate with all of us. How one day, our life as we know it can slip between our fingers.

The past couple of weeks, our little family’s pace has slowed and moments have lengthened.

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