In Honor of the Week of Looooooove

So, I didn’t win the Share the Love blog awards. Funny thing was I didn’t even know I was in the running. A special thanks to all those who nominated me though I’m ashamed of the shabby campaign I ran with no speeches, no buttons, no promises of sexual favors for the voters. Oh wait. That was my strategy for kindergarten class president.

In my defence, I was out sunning myself on the beach during campaign week. Isn’t that just like a politician?

Even though my ticket has since expired, I will do my belated plug for the categories in which I was nominated.

Best Humor. Obviously. You can see my next stand-up routine on Comedy Central next week, right next to Larry the Cable Guy. Though don’t tell him I prefer satellite.

Person You’d Most Like to Meet: I don’t know what to say about this one. Only that those who know me say the whole thing is highly overrated. I don’t’ think it’s a coincidence the only people who leave comments on my blog are strangers, while my alleged friends and family only lurk.

Blog You’ll Never Stop Reading: I’ve got news for you: this is the one I should have won. Because I plan to live forever.

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