The Easter That Wasn’t

As for the belated Easter update, welp, I acquired a cold on Saturday, Jamie had a killer rheumatism attack and Haddie got the stomach flu.

It’s a wonder I’m even alive, much less updating this blog.

Oh, and for anyone keeping track of how many times I’ve been sick this year, don’t bother. I’ve stopped counting.

Our normal Easter celebrations were downsized. We had a simple egg hunt in the morning, smoked brisket for dinner and gorged on Haddie’s bunny cake for dessert (this was her first attempt at making and decorating it by herself). There was no church or cute Easter outfits, just moping around by the parents.

And chocolate. A whole lotta chocolate.

Fortunately we had already done a lot of revelries the week prior that included Easter cookie decorating.
Disclaimer: Don’t ask me how the kids convinced me dolphins should be included in the mix. But think of how much more interesting it would be if a marine mammal somehow delivered Easter spoils instead of a bunny.

We also decorated eggs with Aunt Lisa.

And The Great Pumpkin, of course, made an appearance.

We’ve already shown this is a year-round obsession.
Tune in tomorrow for additional evidence.

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