The party continues

I’ve already made it clear I despise being forcibly stuck at home but to spend two entire weeks out of the past three flat on my back? Tedious.

My first couple of days after my knee surgery, I was so doped up on anesthesia and Vicodin, I barely noticed. In fact, during one of Hadley’s half-hour-long “I don’t want to read and you can’t make me” tantrums, Jamie was shocked when I didn’t get frustrated at all. It was a new side of me I didn’t know existed: drug-induced patience.

Now, if only there was a non-narcotic solution for dealing with homework hissy fits.

But yesterday, I hit the wall with the whole thing. Sure, I was in very little/no pain but I also hadn’t slept in a few days, had major internal plumbing issues and was in a miserable haze.

And so I’m weaning myself off the hardcore drugs. This meant Thursday was my most painful day yet but I’d much rather figure out a way to naturally manage my pain than stay up all night hallucinating about cotton balls and rainbows.

Recreational drug users who think it’s fun to live in La La Land are just stupid.

Today, I have a whole new set of problems. I was in an excruciating amount of pain last night due to Said Plumbing Issues so I sent Jamie to to buy me some drugs. I took the maximum dose last night and then again this morning…and nothing.

That’s the maximum dose twice over the course of 8 hours if you’re keeping track.

But then they finally kicked in and I’ve had a whole lot of something which amounts to bathroom trips every five minutes on my painful knee, along with exhaustion and nausea. As miserable as I am right now, I’m trying to remind myself I’m just four days into my recovery and this, too shall pass.

And I can go back to just getting my knee better.

After all the drama, that somehow sounds like the lesser of many evils.

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