They Say It’s *His* Birthday!

Today is Jamie’s birthday.

Since No. 41 is considerably less climactic than 40, our celebrations have been relatively low-key. He has a youth temple trip tonight so we celebrated yesterday at The Keg Steakhouse. I was thrilled when this top-notch Canadian chain opened in Denver a couple of years ago.

Because if there’s anything my fellow cow-townies know, it’s good beef.

(Insider tip: Sign up for their email list and you’ll receive a coupon for a free steak dinner during your birthday month).

Jamie and I were originally going to do a date night to see a movie and then go to dinner but when that fell through, we opted to bring the kids along.

Mostly because it was cheaper to bring them to the restaurant than pay for a sitter.

Children = opportunity cost.

Happy birthday to my handsome, loving, hilarious and hard-working Pumpkin Man!


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