A cross-country skiing resolution

Just the other day I was whining about how homesick I am for cross-country skiing my golf course in Canada. Then, as I was driving Haddie to school yesterday, I surveyed the expansive soccer fields located just below my house.

For the first time ever, I noticed someone had carved a cross-country ski track around the perimeter. Elated, I resolved, “I AM GOING CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING TODAY.”

I took Bode to preschool, and raced home to find my skis. But here’s a little problem: I haven’t been cross-country skiing since I moved to Colorado. Though my beloved husband is an advanced alpine skier, he had “The Incident” when I took him cross-country skiing for the first time on my golf course several years ago.

“The Incident” being that he fell over sideways and claimed he got a concussion.

At 0.00005 mile per hour, I don’t think that is even possible.

After some digging in the garage, I found my cross-country skis and poles but my boots were MIA.

So, I had a glorious day snowshoeing instead.

But I now have a New Year’s resolution: Do more cross-country skiing.

And get organized so as to make that happen.

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