A Mommy Blogger’s Cerebral Edema on the Brain

Jamie and I are currently training to climb Colorado’s highest mountain, the second highest in the lower 48.

We began a few nights ago, which included this paltry (and frightening) attempt at looking tough as we hauled both kids on a hike. My apologies to Bode for completely cutting him out of the picture; I would hate to diminish his critical role of welp, weighing me down. I just had to include this particular shot because Haddie made me chortle. Loudly.

Why would we want to train for such a thing?

a) We are m@sochists

b) I want to confirm the “Crazy” in “Canuck”

c) We think summiting this will be fun
d) All of the above

e) a and b above

And the answer would be ‘e.’ So why do it if we don’t think it will be fun?

Well, why do we choose to endure nine months of hell and multiple hours of labor? For the views and rewards in the end, of course! Unless, that is, you’re puking your guts out at the summit.

Colorado has 54 mountains over 14,000 feet high. Someone, somewhere decided it would be cool to start a demented little club to challenge folks to climb them. Jamie and I are members of Said Club of Dementia. Because even though I love hiking, I do not love climbing 14ers. My smile at this 14,267-foot summit?

It is fake. We then went on to summit another 14er that same day. There are no photos atop that second mountain for a reason.

We hope the snow will be melted enough to make our latest attempt at the end of June. So why the rigorous training schedule we have implemented?

a) Two words: deathbed repentance.

b) The only exercise Jamie gets these days is yard work.

c) It ticks me off that even though I workout daily, he still blows me away. At least if he is in shape, I will have an excuse for the butt whipping….

d) All of the above

And the answer, of course, would be ‘d’….

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