And so it begins

What a great weekend! The weather was superb and we spent oodles of time picnicking and hiking through Colorado’s resplendent backcountry.

Another highlight was attending church from home. Huh? Twice a year, we have a big ol’ General Conference where LDS church authorities speak in several sessions that are broadcast via satellite. I love the inspirational talks but admittedly the true highlights for me are rolling outta bed and watching in my PJs. Oh, and taking a catnap during the final session. The only bummer is Jamie’s own snoring is rather disruptive. Yep, Model Mormons are we.

As for updates, Jamie got it. The promotion, that is. They extended the offer on Friday and the real fun begins on Monday. Well, not really. As Jamie mentioned on his blog, the chaos will be delayed since I conveniently invited myself along on his business trip to California this week. Nice of me, right?

You can’t blame me, really. When I was a pregnant Beluga Whale, he had a business trip to a beach-side resort in Florida and he left me here alone with the Hurricane. That was his first mistake. His second mistake was raving about how family-friendly the resort was and how much we would have loooooved it.

And so when he mentioned his latest conference at the Ritz Carlton, I don’t think he finished his sentence before I was on the phone asking Grandma to take Haddie for a few days and then booking my flight.

Of course, Jamie will be occupied with demanding meetings [on the golf course] but I’ve got plenty to keep me busy with my back-up man, Bode. I.e. sippin’ virgin pina coladas together, taking walks along the beach with him nuzzled against my chest, those memorable all-nighters. Ahhhhh, there’s nothin’ like California lovin’….

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