And the winner of our baby’s gender contest is….

Ohhh, the suspense. According to our ultrasound yesterday, the child shall be christened–


Y’know, that thoroughly confusing androgynous Pat of Saturday Night Live…that’s the winner of the gender contest. HUH?? That’s what we were saying during the entire ultrasound when the kid conveniently had his/her leg over the region of inspection. We tried everything. Jumping, poking, head-standing and nothin’. Jamie and the ultrasound lady swear they caught a quick glimpse of a third leg but Pat certainly did a good job concealing him/herself. This kid, for some reason, has a modesty complex.

And so in faith, I shall plan for a boy. I shall decorate the nursery, buy boy clothes, boy toys. And in so doing, I will inevitably give birth to a girl….

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