BlogHer Colorado!

Since returning from vacation, I have had a dose of reality. Actually, I have ODed on it with planning our ward’s Labor Day breakfast and my latest assignment–volleyball coach–which will eat up the next couple of months of my life. Oh, and did I mention Mile High Mamas is launching next month?

My friend also recruited me to help write the script for our upcoming roadshow. If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about, just combine Mormons and Broadway. Only the acting and singing suck. Oh, and we can’t do anything fun naughty onstage.

And did I mention my folks arrived yesterday from the Motherland after giving me only two days advanced notice? Retirement does funny things to people along the lines of being unable to commit even after your daughter badgers you for a month to set a date. Lucky for them they had the misfortune privilege of raising me so I’m indebted to them for, welp, eternity.

On Friday, I had a fun blogging lunch at The Cheesecake Factory with (from left) Annie of Anniethology, Aubrey of Anniepall, Me, Michelle of Carrot Jello (intentionally hiding), Melissa The Smiling Infidel (intentionally hiding her), Angel of Sodak Angel and Claudia of No Cool Story (she who wishes to remain anonymous).

Aubrey, Angel and I hung out together while we waited for Annie to pickup the others from the airport. And waited and waited. First, there was delayed luggage and then there was their detour and subsequent disorientation through downtown Denver. Not to be forgotten is when one directionally-challenged airhead (me) attempted to guide another (Annie) over the phone.

They were an hour and a half late.

This span of time was just enough for sweet Aubrey, spunky Angel and I to have an in-depth discussion about bikini waxes and boob jobs. And those are only topics I can discuss.

When the others arrived, it was like a high school reunion. Only I actually liked these people.

I sat across from Carrot and Melissa who delighted me as they creatively chewed their food in front of the mirror behind my head. They had me chuckling with their quick wit and jovial personalities. And superb mastication skills.

Claudia sat on the opposite end of the table and we shouted pleasantries back and forth. I have been a fan of Claudia’s since she designed these stellar buttons around the same time the awards craze was hitting. It then came time for the gift exchange. The funny thing was I did not receive the memo that it is blogging etiquette to butter up your new friends. Carrot bought us each huge pens, Elastic had personalized bubble pen necklaces and some cute gifts for Haddie. Claudia brought some tasty jam and chocolate while Angel made each of us personalized plaques. Mine said: ” Crazy is a relative term in my family.”

Who knew?

Evidently everyone on the Internet.

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