Bode’s first guest post: Disney World!

Bode was interviewed on the news at New Fantasyland

It has been a few months since we surprised the kids with our trip to Disney World. And the farther out it gets, the more I realize just how much I loved that place.

I had visited Disneyland a few times but what I relished about its Floridian counterpart (and was unprepared for) was its international flair. The Animal Kingdom’s Asian and African sections. Epcot’s Parade of Nations. Though they weren’t real, they were the next best thing in my book.

Last week, I was thrilled to finally be invited to one of the most sought-after tickets in the blogosphere: to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference at Disney World. This invitation-only event is in big demand. Not even kidding–women were practically crying and lamenting when they weren’t invited.  Disney makes it affordable to bring your family and I was ready for Round 2.

Until I looked at the date in May: It was the same time as Hadley’s three-day class adventure to a farm, an overnight field trip I am helping plan and chaperone. Bummer. Fingers are crossed I’m on Disney’s shortlist for an invitation next year.

As I was mourning about missing out, my sweet Bode brought home a three-page essay he wrote about his “most fun day ever” and (shocker), it was about Disney World. He got a perfect score on his paper for using lots of descriptive words. The kid is in first grade and I think he has a future in the business. So here it is!

This was the most fun day of my life! It was dark and early. One morning, my tan mom tried to wake me up but I was still sleeping in my blue, comfortable bed. Finally, I got out of my blue bed. Then, we went to the white airport. We went through the white security.

After I went through the white security, I went through a dark tunnel. To get through the dark tunnel, I went on the light train. There were different stops. I got off at Stop B. Right after I got off the white train, I went to find the white airplane. I waited for HOURS and HOURS. I was bored but I was EXCITED!

While I was waiting, I guessed where I was going. My sister Hadley got it right–we were going to the magical Disney World!

Finally, I got on the white airplane. I was on the white airplane for three hours. I was in the puffy, white clouds. The white airplane landed with a thud! I unloaded my green airplane suitcase. I followed the grey Mickey Mouse footprints. I waited in a very long line.

Finally, I was in the front of the very long line. Then, the magical shuttle arrived! After I got off the magical shuttle, I checked in. The place I was staying at was Radiator Springs in Cars Land. I went to get popcorn and a soda. Then, I went on some awesome rides.

As I said, this was the most fun day of my life.

Another first: that he called me “tan.” Thanks, Little Dude. It truly is a Magical Kingdom.

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