Bode’s LDS Baptism Day

I have many wonderful friends from all religions asking me about Bode’s baptism day so allow me to share with you what a special day this was.

Turning eight is a big milestone in the Mormon church. It marks the year kids can be baptized, a sacred ordinance that is similar to Catechism for Catholics but LDS children also receive the Holy Ghost, a separate ordinance that follows the baptism. They understand that this covenant or promise they make with God involves keeping his commandments, remembering Jesus, and serving Him the rest of their life.

It’s a pretty big deal but in case you haven’t noticed from my blog, clean living free from addiction, devoted service, eternal families and discipleship are also full of joy. Authentic and pure in a world that touts the opposite as desirable.

Bode is the best kind of boy. Kind-hearted. Good to his core. Selfless. And so darn attuned to others’ needs that he is constantly humbling me. When Hadley and my in-laws were recently driving from Salt Lake City to Denver for his baptism, the weather took a turn for the worse. “We need to pray they arrive safely,” Bode announced. I agreed but I was driving. A few minutes later I pulled into the parking lot to McDonald’s (he had earned a Happy Meal reward) and he reminded me to pray. So we did and a feeling of calm washed over both of us.

Getting both sets of grandparents to his baptism was nothing short of a miracle. The day before driving out, Jamie’s dad needed eye surgery. My mother’s health is as bad as ever but she was determined to make the trip–until we received a call the morning they were supposed to fly from Calgary and she had been hospitalized. I was devastated there was no way they would be able to come. Bode was to be the final grandchild (youngest of six) that she would see baptized.

Then, that afternoon, my dad called. The hospital had medicated her and she was able to travel–unbelievable! They rushed home to pack, I checked their flight plans and through another divine intervention, found out their flight had been canceled (it wasn’t listed on the airline’s website). I quickly called them right before they left, got the airline on the phone and we were able to fly them out the next day, which gave my mom another day to recover.

Miracles, I tell you.

Having both sets of grandparents and Jamie’s brother and sister there made for a perfect day.


Jamie’s family

Mother and son

Bode’s Grandpa Johnson gave a wonderful and entertaining talk on baptism and then Jamie baptized Bode by immersion.

This picture of my two boys is my absolute favorite from that day. Normally Bode does his fakey-canned smile but he was glowing.

Following his baptism, I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and how to recognize its influence for the rest of his life (it was largely based on this wonderful article I found).

The gift of the Holy Ghost is given when a person is confirmed a member of the Church after baptism by someone having priesthood authority from God. It is given by the person having authority laying their hands upon the head of the person who was baptized and giving them a blessing to receive the Holy Ghost (Acts 8:14-18). Whether or not we then receive this great gift depends on our keeping the commandments of God.

Jamie, Bishop Larson and both grandpas laid their hands upon Bode’s head as Jamie declared Bode a member of the church and to receive the Holy Ghost. What followed was a beautiful blessing of the life he was to lead and of the joy he has already brought so many people. I held it together and didn’t cry during the entire program, until Bode later divulged to me that when he felt Jamie pronounce the Holy Ghost and subsequent blessing on him that “it felt like tiny little sparks in my mind.” Talk about immediately being able to recognize the Spirit in his life.

We had many wonderful families come to support Bode on his big day and we invited them back to our house for an ice cream social that my wonderful mother-in-law helped me setup.

Ice cream sundaes for dinner with 25+ different toppings including homemade caramel, fudge, gummy worms, Captain Crunch and more?

Bode was in his element. I stopped him for a moment as he was racing around to ask if he was having fun. “Yes, AND I NEED MORE SUGAR.”

Chalk his baptism day up as being one of his best days ever.

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