The final countdown

May has been a blur. Between house showings, endless cleaning, rain, rain and more rain, we’re so ready to be done with selling this house and school. I’ll get into the drama of selling our house later but here are a few of our happenings:

Mother’s Day

I had a memorable Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed, our traditional pie at church, Jamie’s delicious pulled pork burger and a walk at Prospect Park where children were forbidden to complain. And by “children,” I mean Hadley who, without fail, is always resistant to our walks but then is the one who loves it the very most. This time around, she went crazy documenting everything with my iPhone and vowed to paint the gorgeous scenery.

Final Piano Recital

The kids’ final piano recital with their longtime teacher Sister Mauger was bittersweet. For me, that is. For Jamie, it is a torturous experience to sit listening to other people’s kids for 1.5 hours.

They both did a great job, most impressively during their first duet ever. I didn’t record their actual performance (they did awesome) but here is a sampling of them practicing the week prior, complete with my finger and a fat cat. Can’t beat that!

Summer Olympic Games

I was on the committee to throw an awesome Summer Olympic-themed party…in overcast 50-degree weather. We still had a blast playing volleyball, tug-of-war, discus, rhythmic gymnastics, 50-meter dash, the limbo, croquet, bocce ball and the list goes on. It was a success–thanks to all the tremendous people in our ward!

School Talent Show

A few weeks ago, Bode announced he was trying out for the school talent show, something that surprised yet delighted me. He played his piano recital song, In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg and nailed it. I wish I could say the same about the rest of the kids, many of whom proved it to be an “Untalent Show” (yes, comedy acts, I’m talking about you) but it was a fun night of silliness. Really, my only stressful moment was when the kids went on stage for a final bow. Bode started behind everyone, and then moved his way to the front. And then to center stage. I held my breath because, for one dreadful moment, I feared he was going to do a few break dancing moves. And let us be clear: his moves are not ready to go public.  

I’ve never been so relieved to see a kid jump off the stage.

Bode’s friend Nicky and his family came to support him. We grabbed  Hadley’s friend Alex and went to Bliss frozen yogurt after to celebrate and play games. 

I entitle this picture: Hyped up on sugar and fame.

Field Day

I looooooove Field Day, primarily because it used to be one of my favorite days of the year as a kid. Though neither of mine are athletic superstars, it is so fun to see them compete and triumph in their own circles.

The good: All the fun events, the kids’ awesome long jump performances and lunching after at Beau Jo’s with Hadley’s friends.

Winning his heat

The bad:

Evil sixth graders. In an effort to relive the glory days, I participated in the Kids vs. Parents tug-of-war. I was one step away from victory when those little buggers let go of the rope, sending the grown-ups spiraling backward. I slammed my head–hard–on the ground and ended up with a lovely head injury.

The Evil Ones

And yes, getting hurt at your child’s field day is as pathetic as it sounds.

Farewell, Glory Years.


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