Happy Anniversary to Hunky Hubby!

It’s been four years since the best day of my life: the day I married ma honey. Many people list the day their child was born as the best day of their life. They obviously forgot the torturous 9-month journey to get there and a little thing called labor. Sure, the miraculous reward takes your breath away but for me, the lead-up definitely trumped the aftermath. And afterbirth.

But my wedding day was perfect. In atypical Amber “Murphy” fashion, the day actually went smoothly. In my dictionary, such an occurrence is called a miracle.

We awoke to freshly fallen snow and I thought “Oh here it begins.” Denver had been in a drought that winter and this was the first snowfall in months. On my wedding day. I thought for sure we’d be snowed in but it had the opposite effect: we had a surreal winter wonderland and our pictures turned out beautifully.

We were married in the Denver LDS temple surrounded by everyone we loved, followed by a luncheon at the Marriott for close friends and family, and a reception at a beautifully rustic lodge in the mountains, complete with roaring fires, oodles of votive candles and the warm embrace of the Continental Divide.

And don’t go into shock: I even boogied to our song, Sting’s “When We Danced.” And the greatest lesson in marriage was revealed to me at that time: watch your back.

Oh, I mean that I am so unbelievably blessed to have married a man who, above all, gets me.

And one who puts up with me. One of my anniversary traditions is to write an annual poem detailing our life together. This year, I mentioned our focus on blogging and also the debut of Jamie’s blog, “Crazy Canuck: The Truth Set Free,” his attempt to defend himself against me. And so, a profundity from my latest, humble offering:

“Blogging was central, and Jamie’s countering blog was unveiled
As he searched for the ‘truth’; too bad he failed.”

So let it be written, so let it be done.

And so now it’s your turn: where were you married, what was your song (if you had one) or what was your favorite wedding memory?

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