Happy Belated, Hunky Hubby!

Saturday was Hunky Hubby’s 36th birthday. You know, the same guy who is ditching me the rest of the week for a last-minute business trip to California. WhoTheCrap plans something this late notice and this close to Christmas? Those yahoos at Yahoo, that’s who. I’m not that bitter. But I will be if he returns with a tan.

I’d like to say I went to the same effort for Jamie’s birthday as I did the Christmas party but I’d be lying. Part of the reason was he already received his gift the day after Thanksgiving. This was the one and only time I will ever entrust a 2 1/2-year-old with a secret. It took her exactly 2.4 seconds from the time he walked in the door for her to lead him to where I hid his new car stereo. Happy birthday, indeed.

The other reason is we were just so utterly thrashed after the Christmas party and a bad sleep night with Bode. Though the little tyke is doing better and is “only” waking up 2-3 times, we’re still in the hole from his two-month stint of waking up every hour. I’ve been promising Jamie for a while that I’d move Bode’s bed out of our room but have been stalling because it’s easier to have him in close proximity. For the record, I’m completely against co-sleeping. Which is why I usually end up doing it around 4 a.m. out of sleepless hysteria.

And so the next morning when I thought Jamie had gone back to sleep, he was actually kicking Bode to the curb a.k.a. moving him out of our bedroom. Happy birthday, indeed.

That afternoon, Haddie had a birthday party for her friend up the street. They hired a company to throw a little train-themed bash and Hadley had the time of her life. I’m kind of an amateur as to the cost it takes to throw a kiddy party so queried my friend Kristen about it.

“We only paid $325 for them!” she elatedly replied.

I almost choked. That is supposed to be some kind of a deal?

That night for Jamie’s birthday party, we invited his family over for cake and presents. At the last minute, we decided to get Chinese and watch the second part of my present: Season 1 of The Office. The cost for Jamie’s big bash:

Costco cheesecake: $14.99
The Office marathon: $21.00
Cheap Chinese food (for seven people): $16.01
Jamie finally kicking Bode out of our bedroom: priceless

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