Christmas Previews

It was March 2006 when I first made The Big Announcement at my MSN Spaces blog about our new addition to the family:

Jamie’s 300-pound baby.

(Note: Babywearing advocates wouldn’t want to get anywhere near this beast).

Almost four years later, a finally-finished basement, and the drama of scraping together enough funds to buy the counter top after our original granite contractor stole our money, our old-fashioned soda fountain is finished.

Couple that with Jamie’s 84-inch HDTV and I may never be able to drag him out of his Man Cave again.


Like many of you, we are in the throes of Christmas preparations. But unlike many of you, I am not stressed out in the least. In fact, this will be one of my least frenzied holidays because we aren’t throwing our annual Christmas Eve shindig due to Jamie’s parents recent move to Utah.

Being family-less and friendless has its advantages.

We’re starting a new tradition and are skiing Loveland on December 24th. We are also guilting Jamie’s sister into spending Christmas day with us. This process involves bribery because she’d rather sleep in than spend the morning with my sugar-induced children jumping all over her, slurring Santa praises.

I just can’t figure out the swingin’ single folks these days.

Something we will have in abundance is fine food. My Christmas baking has already been distributed.

On this year’s menu: gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, pumpkin fudge, Almond Roca and whipped shortbread.

My beloved husband sampled all the spoils and offered his honest opinion.

“This is the best maple fudge I’ve ever tasted.”

“It’s pumpkin.”

I’m thinking the man should just stick to old-fashioned soda.

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