The Pumpkin Murderer

The pumpkin season ain’t over until the Fat Lady sings. Or rather, The Pumpkin Man takes a shovel to dismantle The Great Pumpkin.

We usually destroy it shortly after Halloween but Jamie has had some health problems lately and hasn’t been up to the task. And really, there was no rush. Usually the pumpkin is oozing down the driveway rotting out because he cuts it off the vine late-September. But Christine the Pumpkin held together marvelously well and only started decomposing this week. It was time.

That’s a nice way of saying the wife was going to start nagging him very soon.We invited Jamie’s brother over and first fattened him up with Chicken Tikka Masala  (think cannibalistic witch strategy in Hansel and Gretel). He and Jamie then annihilated the pumpkin, loaded it in his truck and hauled it over to the pumpkin patch to compost. Allegedly. For all I know they could have made it into a delicious, rotting 837-pound pumpkin pie.

Just so long as there weren’t any children inside.

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