Christmas in pictures

As chaotic as it is to travel for Christmas, our vacation was surprisingly low-key. We spent a few days with Grandma and Grandpa, which, of course, included Christmas morning.

The pillage of the stockings.

We opened most of our presents before flying to Utah but Santa was in charge of bringing the most desired presents. A Criss-cross Hot Wheels Track for the boy.

And Zhu-Zhu pets for the girl.

These battery-operated hamsters are about as close as I’ll ever get to allowing rodents in my home.

I am remiss I didn’t get more pictures of Jamie’s family, especially these darling cousins.

Though getting them to pose together was nearly impossibly because Berkley kept rubbing in the fact that she can crawl.

Of course, a trip to Salt Lake City over the holidays would not be complete without visiting Temple Square, arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth at Christmastime.

Our Christmas miracle is that not one of us got sick. However, we somehow still got blamed for infecting Jamie’s sister’s family when she came down with strep the day we left for Park City Mountain Resort. I mean, just look at this clan. Do you really think we’d be capable of such a thing?

Then again, don’t answer that.

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