Jesus on how to traumatize your children

It’s been our family tradition to all snuggle up in our king-sized bed, play, say prayers and read before bedtime. Lately, Jamie and I started integrating stories about Jesus into our conversation and Haddie absolutely loves learning about him.

Jamie recently shared the story of the woman with the blood condition who touched Jesus’ cloak through the crowd and was healed. Hadley was fascinated and had him repeat it over and over again.

Then it was my turn. I tried to share a story that was closer to home and her age. I told her of when Jesus went up to Passover as a young boy. You know: the one where they found him after three days teaching the great minds of Jerusalem in the temple.

To the adult, this is a powerful story of Jesus’ teaching power and of the vision he already had for his ministry.

To the child, welp, it’s just a bit different. For a few days after I told that story, Haddie acted weird if she lost sight of me even for a moment whenever we’d go out in public. She’s not the clingy type (to say the least) so I finally got to the bottom of it when she queried me in a worried little voice:

“Mommy no forget Haddie like Jesus. Yes?”

Nice to know my Jesus stories really hit home for the kid.

For next week’s traumatize-the-kid-with-Jesus-stories-family theatre: If you choose to follow Jesus like the disciples of old, you too can be homeless.

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