Easter’s Many Moments

I am glad Easter is over. This has nothing to do with anything Jesus but the stress related to planning our ward Easter party. The same that was supposed to be outside in the beautifully wooded area behind the church. You know: on the day it snowed.

I can’t tell you how many calls I received that morning to see if it was canceled.

What I said:
No problem! We’ll just move it inside.

What I wanted to say
Ask me how many Easter hunts we held outside in Canada. A big Z-E-R-O. We’d then go and chuck our eggs down the gully with two feet of snow. SO SUCK IT UP!

It would appear I’m a little bit burned out from this calling.

Easter itself was grand. As a ham hater, I graciously offered up my brother-in-law to spend eight hours slow-cooking a brisket with his new smoker. I figured his efforts put a small dent in the thousands of hours he sat on the couch watching football while the woman-folk slaved over the food.

And he’s somebody I like. Don’t ever get on my bad side.

The brisket was glorious and was accompanied by my MIL’s fresh rolls and funeral potatoes (with the assertion from Jamie’s sister that more people needed to die so we could eat them more frequently). Oh, and my strawberry and blueberry cream cheese angel food cake trifle; easier to eat than say!

By the end of hunting season, Haddie was a seasoned pro. The highlight was her final egg hunt at Grandma’s house wherein she was the only kid. Unless you count our herniated turtle, Bode, but he didn’t prove to be much competition.

I knew she had come into her own during our Easter party at the church. A friend came up to me and mentioned someone was sneaking the eggs we’d hidden for the hunt.

My first inclination led me to assume it was those blasted 10-year-old boys in our ward, who are solely responsible for the nightmares I have that Bode will one day become like them. And if so, I already have plans to ship him off to Grandma Canuck. Yes, they are just that bad.

But then Jamie found the true culprit. Hidden in a room with her secret stash.

And I could not have been more proud….

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