Family + Skiing = Epic Utah Adventure

Since we only had seven days to spend in Utah (four of which in Park City), this trip was only about two things: family and skiing.

First there were our darling twin nieces whom the kids adored and they loved right back.Hadley and Bode were bad influences and introduced them to the dirt pile behind Grandma’s house.

I later said to their mom Tammy (who is very lovely and proper) that she could send her kids to me for a week and I could teach them how to hike and get dirty and she could teach my kids how to be more cultured and refined.

I was only kinda joking.

We had a lovely visit with Jamie’s Grandpa Smith at his Uncle Dennis’ house.
Four generations together = happiness. I wish my kiddos were able to meet my wonderful grandparents.

We spent four nights in Park City at, hands down, the nicest condo I’ve EVER stayed in: Silver Star. We requested a three-bedroom so Jamie’s parents joined us on Thursday and Friday night.

There was a lot of chilling.
At least that’s what I think Jamie is doing.

Until Tammy, Uncle Jer and the twins came on Friday. In case you haven’t been around two-year-old twins, rest is pretty much non-existent but they sure are cute.

We had our own hot tub on our deck so that became a nightly ritual.

As did eating a lot of great food and watching General Conference together Saturday morning.

We loved being able to spend quality time with Jamie’s family. The twins, Ada and Berkley, have grown leaps and bounds since we saw them last summer. They are not identical but don’t tell that to Bode. When I asked him which was which, he exasperatingly said, “I don’t know. They’re twins.”

Like anyone should be able to tell them apart.

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