Four (Funny) Reasons Why You Should Ski This Winter!

We had a summer of non-stop travel and capped it off with a glorious trip to AAA Five-Diamond The Broadmoor over Labor Day. At a recent party, our neighbor queried, “So, when is the next big trip?”

Silence. Chirping crickets.  Could it be–the very bane to our existence (travel) and we had no future plans?

But then I remembered: Ski season is in a few short months! As we prep for back-to-ski season, I’ve compiled four fun(ny) reasons why you should hit the slopes.

Our family’s first time at the “top of the world” together

1) The Best Family Bonding Happens on a Ski Vacation

There is nothing my family loves better than cruising down the slopes in a Wonkaesque world of white–we’re like the Cleavers on skis, only cooler (literally and figuratively). Last year was the first time we were able to ski together  as a family with then-6-year-old Bode and 8-year-old Hadley and it was epic!

But here’s the thing: you don’t have to even hit the slopes to have a memorable time together. Many people dismiss a winter vacation in the mountains because they don’t ski or snowboard. All you need to do is love the outdoors and cozying up indoors.

Most resorts offer so much more than skiing. Last year alone, we hit hot springs and hot tubs, ziplined, tubed, raced down an alpine coaster, played in a snow fort, skated on a lake, snowshoed, took a sleigh ride to dinner, indulged in gourmet foods, played games by the fire, roasted s’mores and got pampered at the spa.

OK, maybe I didn’t do the last item but you’d better believe it’s top priority this year.

 2. You Win Parent of the Year Award (if they survive)

Daughter’s first difficult terrain

I’m all about teaching kids to do hard things and learning to ski can be hard at first. But after years of ski school, a few meltdowns and even a faked injury (yes, Bode I’m talking about you), both of my kids are good skiers and on track to becoming great.

A couple of years ago, my daughter and I were taking our last run of the day when I took a wrong turn. Instead of staying on a nice, easy cruiser, I led us to the point of no return with an intersection that had three options: a double blue advanced intermediate and two double-black black diamond (expert terrain) trails.

Haddie was a solid intermediate skier but as I looked down at the double blue’s steep, bumpy terrain a feeling of dread came over me. I didn’t let her in on my trepidation and explained our predicament.

“OK, let’s do it!” she fearlessly said.


I don’t know why I was surprised since we didn’t have any other options, other than being carried down on ski patrol’s stretcher. And so she gunned it down that mountain, never complaining and even squealing with glee.

That was the beginning of the end and soon she’ll be dragging me down the mountain. Hopefully stretcher not included.

The kids three years ago when I found my packing sanity

3. My Best Organizing Tip and the Day I Lost My Sanity

Winter sports get a bad wrap because there is a lot of equipment to remember: goggles, long johns, gloves, scarves, helmets, socks, ski pants, jackets…the list goes on. I’ve become a master of organization and now put all of their accessories in an over-sized Ziploc bag, which cuts down on the chaos when it’s time to get up and go.

Except for the first day of ski season last year when my son’s glove was nowhere to be found. I was positive I had set it out in his bag the night before so its whereabouts was a real head-scratcher. Had Fat Kitty eaten it? Was I officially out of my mind? Bode had lost his back-up pair of gloves and touque (Canadian word for ski hat for any uninformed Americans) the week before so it was a do-or-die situation.

Or rather, a find-it-or-freeze-your-hands-off scenario.

After about 20 minutes of looking, my wise husband investigated Bode closer.

“Bode, what is that?”
“What is what?”
“That lump underneath your ski pants!”

Bode looked down and sure enough, there was a subtle lump near his calf. Sheepishly, he removed his ski pants to discover the MIA glove. The velcro on the straps had deviously attached to the inside of his ski pants.

Even the best plans are not fool-proof. Obviously. Signed, -The Fool.

4. Skiing/snowboarding=the best kind of stupid

Last year, we took my husband’s brother Chris skiing at a local resort for his birthday.

As we huddled together for warmth on the chairlift, we gazed down upon the wind-whipped chutes, marveling at the forests that were forever slanted from the gusts. Snow swirled around us and as we climbed higher, our world was temporarily blotted out completely white.

I turned to the birthday boy. “Chris, can you even believe we’re doing this?”

He paused, laughed and then uttered what will become my motto on all such bitterly cold days on the slopes: “Yes, but it’s the best kind of stupid.”

Hear, hear.

Bring on the 2013/14 season.


I am participating in the Back to Ski campaign, which was started by family travel blogger Mara Gorman in 2012 as a way to get families off the couch and on the slopes.  During Back to Ski Week 2013 from September 16th to September 20th you can enter to win some fabulous skiing prizes at the Back to Ski website.


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