Halloween’s Twilight Zone….

And I’m not talking about the hour The Hurricane now wakes up thanks to that #$&#* time change. You know, that one I used to look forward to because I’d get an extra hour of sleep. Now, it only means The Hurricane wakes up at 5 instead of 6 a.m. Whoever dreamed up the whole thing obviously didn’t have young children.

No, my Halloween Twilight Zone is regarding my favorite pair of pants and shirt I found yesterday. Y’see, they’ve been MIA for months now and they mysteriously showed up on the floor of my closet yesterday. Even after I thoroughly searched the entire thing months ago.

My only solutions? We really are living in the Twilight Zone


Hunky Hubby has taken to cross-dressing.

You decide.

Photo caption: Hadley gives the top three reasons why she LOVES Halloween. Have a good one!

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