Happy Halloween!

As much as I love Halloween, it made me a bit sad this year. The kids are growing up fast–too fast–and let’s face it: Halloween just isn’t the same without little kids. This Facebook flashback from five years ago tells the tale with our cute Mario and Princess Peach. Apparently the only thing that hasn’t changed is Jamie’s pumpkin obsession.

Hadley in particular looked so grownup as an archer. Aren’t my  girl and maple tree gorgeous?


My friend Suzy was generous enough to send Bode a legit NASA costume, which he beefed up with Jamie’s scary pumpkin mask. Um, OK.

Between our ward’s truck-or-treat and class parties, there was plenty of fun.

Sixth grade

The Pumpkins also made celebrity appearances at the Volunteers of America Halloween party for homeless families….

…And visited our local high school’s special needs kids and our kids’ school. Bode proudly made a speech while Hadley pretended she didn’t know us. I wore my embarrassing pumpkin glasses just for her.

Our neighborhood has been ranked #5 as the best neighborhoods to trick-or-treat in Denver, which I attribute to our fire station that hosts a party and fire-truck-led procession, and then the countless families that go all-out for Halloween. That parade has been one of our highlights–it’s so fun seeing all our friends dressed up but Hadley was among the oldest so her days are numbered.

Jake, Noah, Nicky, Bode, Vinny and Curtis

Our superhero neighbors

Another reason for my nostalgia: gone are the days when we trick-or-treat as a family. My friend Julie took Bode out with all his besties while I threw a party for the tweens in our ward. A few of the girls dressed for fashion, not comfort (roockies) and after an hour, ditched their shoes to go barefoot. Hadley could have trick-or-treated for hours (chip off the old block) but when you have half your group blistered and limping, you call it early after a mere hour and a half, go back to your house to review and trade your stash, and watch a spooky movie.

And yes, I was the killjoy who kept yelling at Waldo to STOP HIDING SO I COULD TAKE A PICTURE.

Happy Halloween 2015!

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