Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It started with Bode’s stellar performance at the ward Christmas party. When he wasn’t jostling for position, he was doing this:

At least he showed up. Hadley was M.I.A. for the performance. Her exact location still has not been accounted for.

Speaking of whom, she is DELIGHTED she is finally old enough to wear the coat that Cousin Emily passed down to her years ago. Never mind that the weather has been snow-less and balmy in Denver.

Of course, climate is secondary when it comes to high-fashion, as was evidenced at the Nutcracker a few years ago.

And finally, I may be biased but the Christmas outfits my mom bought Hadley and Bode may be quite possibly the cutest ever. I mean, a TUX? His girlfriend Abigail (featured biting her nail in the top photo) was all over him at church.

OK, it could be because his mom Eva and I were trying to push the two of them together.

It’s never too early.

Hadley and Bode before church on Sunday….

You’ve come a long way, kids.

Let’s hope that rings true for us all.


As many of you know, I attended BYU, which is located in Provo, UT. The city’s beloved Provo Tabernacle was ruined by fire last weekend. But this painting “The Second Coming” by Harry Anderson was the only thing that was salvaged from the ashes.

A burn pattern like that is no coincidence.

Let’s remember what the season is about….

Merry Christmas!!!!


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