How to traumatize your soccer-playing kid

Each of my children have their own passions. Hadley’s are the arts, swimming, skiing and hiking.

Bode’s are soccer, Wii and biking.

They enjoy many of the same activities to varying degrees but sometimes, they are passionate about having things all their own.

I recently learned this the hard way.

Bode was enrolled in indoor soccer during the winter. Last month, he had bring-a-friend-to-soccer day. His bestie Seanie couldn’t come and Bode was fine with that because his other besties Timmy and Trey already play with him.

What he wasn’t fine with? Hadley.

Since Jamie works from home, I often leave her behind while I take Bode to soccer but she wanted to come and race around the perimeter of the arena. When we arrived, we were surprised to see kids Hadley’s age playing so I encouraged her to join in.

A bit of background: the facility is brand new and everything is bright and shiny. When Hadley tried to walk into the field, she passed over the open door and tried to enter through the very clear plexiglass behind the door.

It didn’t end well.

A few minutes later, Hadley was delighted when her friend Kasey (who will be joining us at our Waldorf school next year) showed up. When she learned she could join in, Kasey surpassed the door and attempted to walk through the very same panel of plexiglass.

They are two peas in a (very blonde) pod.

Though Hadley has no aspirations to take up soccer again, she had a great time playing with the older kids. Bode, on the other hand, did not.

I saw him making that face: the one where he’s trying really hard to hold it together but gosh darn it, he was mad. I called him over to me and the waterworks were unleashed.

“What’s wrong, Bode? Why are you crying?”
“Cuz cuz cuz Hadley is playing,” he sobbed.
“That’s right. She’s playing because it’s bring-a-friend-to-soccer day!” I explained.


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