I really really need your opinion

I’ve got the kindergarten blues.

And no, I don’t plan to put my sorrows to rap music.

I have a major decision I’m trying to make but I need as much feedback as possible. Please weigh-in!!


With summer break on the horizon next week, I can almost say I survived my daughter’s first year of kindergarten.

And am fretting about my son’s entrance into it.

Why would I do such a thing when he is only 3? The reason is simple: I already feel pressured to make major decisions on his behalf. When he was born in July of 2006, I figured he was well within the range for the mid-September cut-off for when he could attend school. I enrolled him in our local preschool last September and he has loved it. He is doing great learning the alphabet and is at the top of his class of 3 to 5-year-olds in math.

It’s a good thing, too because I am counting on him doing our taxes in a few years.

He still has one year left of preschool and then I planned to enroll him in kindergarten the following year. Until all the naysayers started pressuring me.

“Do you really want READ ON

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