Life in Pictures: Field Trips and Those Irate Pigs

My next two weeks are too frenzied to detail so I won’t even try. Even our last day of school on May 30 won’t be the end of it as our summer travel and play season ramps up. No complaints here. What I will complain about it finally recovering from a cold and having a nasty cough that keeps me up most nights.

Yep, Fat Kitty and Jamie have still abandoned me.

Field Trip

We’ve been cramming it all in, including Bode’s class field trip to the Denver Aquarium. I was put in charge of a group of four kids that included a sweet but mentally unstable girl. Think I’m lying? Their last field trip, the teacher had her husband be solely in charge of her. But he didn’t have my secret weapon: Bode. He ensured she stayed on task in his OCD yet kind way and we all had a grand old time.

With bestie Brody

I didn’t lose even one kid so deemed it a success.

Field Day

Then there was Bode’s field day. From obstacle courses to hula-hooping to long-jumping, it’s one of the highlights of the year.

Long jump

A new addition this year was  the game “Rat Tag” (bottom top right) where kids put a rope in the back of their shorts and tried to grab each others’ tails.

First grade field day

It was rather unsettling when I realized I was yelling at Bode to get some “tail” from the girls.

Animal Project

First graders in Colorado need to do a big research project on an animal and Bode chose a sloth. This month-long ordeal included a lot of research, whipping up his first PowerPoint presentation and he then had to do an oral presentation to the class based on his diorama or poster.

I was put in charge of helping him and confirmed that he has inherited my lack of artistic ability. After a few frustrated meltdowns (from us both) I think we did pretty good job.

Though I won’t mention the mammoth bone structure our resident artists Hadley and Jamie constructed last month that looked like it was right out of the Ice Age. #overachievers

Farm Girl

Hadley had a three-day field trip to a farm a couple of weeks ago. I went back and forth on volunteering, ultimately bowing out because I planned a garage sale with my neighbor. It’s a good thing, too because that’s when I got sick and it rained for most of the three days. You know, in Colorado. Where is almost never rains.

I wish I’d snapped a picture of her when she returned home after three days of camping in the muck and rain. Let’s just say I’ve never smelled anything quite like it (and hope to never again).

Activity Day Girl

She and I also had a mother-daughter night out with the Activity Girl days at church. This group of 8-11-year-old girls meet together a couple of times a month for activities that range from sporting events to service projects to crafts. They planned a fun night of dinner with fun games from Minute to Win It.Because nothing says mother-daughter bonding like having a nylon on your head as you pretend to be an elephant knocking ball. #YouHadToBeThere

Angry Piggies

Bode wrapped his sixth soccer season with his buddies. He scored regularly and even had four goals in one game. Their team name has evolved from the Lava Bullets to this season’s gem: “The Angry Piggies.” Don’t knock it. They had they winningest season ever.

Here’s to surviving the final two weeks of school!

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