Mario and the Mommy Bubble

With plenty of downtime over winter break, we’ve had plenty of Wii time (something I only allow in moderation on school days).

I was quite enjoying myself letting the kids go to town on Super Mario when they decided to adopt me as their charity project.

“Mommy, we’re going to teach you to play Mario.”
“But you’re both so good. There’s no way I can possibly keep up!”
“We’ll start with the easy levels.”

And that they did. If you ever want to be impressed by your kids, see what they’re doing on their computers and video games. I was particularly amazed at Little Bode’s aptitude.

And horrified by my lack thereof.

Whenever I would die, my mushroom would be resurrected in the form of a bubble the kids needed to pop so I could continue playing. You wanna talk about things you never thought you’d say as a mother?


Though believe me, there have been days when I wished for Said Mommy Bubble.

The kids were amazingly patient but I never quite caught on. I figured false confidence would be a good strategy so I started endlessly praising every bad move I made.

Finally, Hadley had enough:

“Stop saying you’re awesome, cuz you’re not.”

Excuse while I go back to my Mommy Bubble….

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