Mile High Mamas Monday

On the day many people were celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, I was celebrating death. Of my laptop, that is. Like Jesus, it has endured great injustices and abuse such as when I dumped a gallon of water on it last year.

Evidently it does not walk on water. Or even tread lightly.

For my latest episode, I prayed for a miracle and got one. Though functioning, I fear my laptop may be on its last legs and then I will be reduced to co-habitating with Jamie online. Word to the wise: the man does not share. I thought ice cream was his only vice but turns out any time taken away from the beloved plant porn on his computer is equal unto Gardener Geek Purgatory.

As I may be forced to take a temporary hiatus, you can find me over at Mile High Mamas on Monday giving the sordid details of our Easter. I have to say that stealing candy money from a baby was not one of my finer moments so make sure to tell me alllll about yours!

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