Mile High Mamas

I have news. Big news. No, I’m not pregnant so I guess it isn’t that big (in which case, it is I who would be big). But I have a fun project underway that has the potential to become a veritable nightmare a lot of work with no rewards really cool.

You see, I figured I just wasn’t busy enough juggling two small children and spending my days fantasizing about sleep and potties. I recently contacted Denver’s two newspapers with a proposal: to run a “Mile High Mamas” blog. This would be a forum for Colorado mothers (and anyone else) to read humorous blogs (written by yours truly and others), share helpful parenting tips and provide an excellent resource for area activities.

At least that was the formal wording I used in the proposal. But y’all know what that means in Amber speak: TO PARRRRTY!

Miracle of miracles, both newspapers loved the idea. I have decided to go with The Denver Post because they have some fantastic plans in the works.

Oh yeah, and because the other guy didn’t call me back afterwards.

This is in the very preliminary development stages (they’re still assigning the project to a designer) so will probably be at least a few months in the making, if not more.

And so I turn to you, my dear friends, for some advice:

Does your area newspaper do anything similar? Do you know of any humorous bloggers in Colorado? What kind of things would you like to see to build an interactive network amongst mamas? What great mom sites (not necessarily blogs; more informational such as BabyZone) do you visit and why? Any standouts for design? And am I ever going to get eight hours of sleep again?….

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