On My Own….

Why I Am in Mourning that my Parents are Leaving

  • Never before has the dishwasher magically unloaded itself (natch: Hunky Hubby never does it).
  • I will now be outnumbered (2:1) during the day.
  • I will no longer be able to send my early-bird Hadley to wake up Grandpa while I go back to bed.
  • We can no longer be “accidentally” devoid of cash when we invite other folks out on the town.
  • I will have to go back to my 30-second showers. For those without screaming kids or toddlers who dismantle the house the moment you become indisposed: 30 seconds is barely enough time to even lather.
  • Whatever happens here, stays here. I mean, where else can you be this politically incorrect? Case in point:

Me: “How’s your cousin these days?”
Mom: “Pretty good. He’s been building and selling houses. To The Gays.”
Me: “Err…’The Gays’. Gee, Mom. I didn’t know there was a market for them.”
Mom: “Yes, their people buy houses too, I guess.”

  • And most importantly, I will no longer be learning something new and enlightening every day….

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