One Month Small Town Living Update

1) I walked to the post office to mail my packages today. Because I can.
2) I know about five people here and ran into two of them across the street at City Hall.
3) I stopped into Edel Weiss Gallery because the shopkeeper left her keys in the door. Turned out she does it on purpose so she doesn’t lose them.
4) I bought Bode some boots on the town’s private Facebook garage sale page. The owner wasn’t home but left the boots out for me and told me to just leave the money under the mat.
5) The Mexican cantina has a salsa bar with 30+ flavors and I discovered on my walk they sell my favorite flavor, cilantro creamo. In bulk.
6) I’m helping at the annual Interfaith Creche Exhibit this week. I’m astounded by the spirit of volunteerism here and that a charming hamlet hosts thousands of people at their community events. People give of their time and talents so generously here and it’s good to be reminded there are still good, moral places like Midway left in the world.


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